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Please email us at INFO@SSSBULLIES.COM for all stud service agreement and litter registration forms going forward.  We will send you a Docusign link to your email so that you can sign and obtain our signatures electronically.  Please include the name of the STUD you are requesting the forms for, along with any relevant DAM owner/co owner information such as  full name and email address.


STUD Agreement Form 

STUD Agreement Form

Our STUD Agreement forms are made public so you can view it before deciding to use our STUDs.  Please take the time to review all of the terms and conditions and feel free to ask questions before you initial and sign the forms via DOCUSIGN once its emailed to you.  

All lock ins are good for 2 years only.  If your credit is expired, you can transfer your lock in to another available stud at their current rate.  The 2 years time frame starts once the lock in is received, not once the agreement is signed.  

If you do not sign the agreement form and lock in anyway, we will always hold you and ourselves to the current terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions may be updated form time to reflect changing situations not foreseen in previous contracts.

SSS Bullies Team


Litter Registration Form

How to Register Your Litter

So you've successfully had a litter off one of our bulls now what?  Time to register your litter and this is the easy part!  Send us an email to INFO@SSSBULLIES.COM  or click here and we will send you a link to fill out and sign the litter registration form through Docusign.  Everything will be filled out and signed electronically.

Make sure you send us the full name and email of all registered owner/s of your DAM and we will send the form via Docusign to all necessary parties to fill out and sign.  Once everything is completed you will receive the completed form in your email, check your spam box, then you can turn that in to the registry to pay and get your official papers from them.

SSS Bullies Team

Purchase Agreement Form

Purchase Agreement Form

Please review the purchase agreement form in its entirety and ask questions before you sign on the dotted line!  Our goal is to place the right bull with the right person.  Make sure you know what it is you are looking for.  Be honest with yourself and us when we ask you the following questions:

Are you looking for something  specific? What do we mean when you ask you this?  Here are some examples.

  • Sex (Male or Female)

  • Class (micro, pocket, classic, standard)

  • Type (athletic, extreme, show)


What personality type are you looking for in your bull?​  

Why is this important you may ask?  As part of matching you with your new bull, you need to ask yourself, what type of personality would do well in your pack(family).  Do you need a bull that is more passive?  Or one more assertive.  Alpha? Beta?  Do you need one with more drive or do you prefer a couch potato?  


Remember the American Bully is a companion breed, not a working breed. However, some Bullys can most definitely work.   So be honest with yourself on what you are looking for specifically, so we can help you find the right one!


What is the purpose of your future bull?

Are you looking for a dog to breed? Show? Strictly for companion only no breeding? 


The more we know about what it is you are looking for, the better our chances we find the right bull you.  Be specific and ask plenty of questions!

SSS Bullies Team

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