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For our customers, you can grab the stud agreement or litter registration form you need right here from this page here.  Choose which form you need and click on the buttons below and you will be directed to the correct spot!


We are always looking for ways to make things more efficient for our clients.  Let us know what else we can do to improve our services and offerings!

Thank you for making our team possible!

SSS Bullies Team

STUD Agreement Form

Click on the STUD Agreement Forms to view and sign your portion as well as get our signature on the agreement.  Make sure you attach a screenshot of your payment to the form in the section provided.  All forms must be and will be validated by the STUD owner prior to acceptance.

ABKC Litter Registration Form US and International

Click on the litter registration form to fill out your ABKC litter registration and get signatures from the stud owners.  Once everyone fills out and signs the forms, you will automatically received a copy of the completed litter registration form.  It's that easy!

SSS Bullies Team

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