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Care Policy

Simply put, we CARE.  We care about why you are looking to add one of our family members to join your own.  We care about what it is you are looking for.  We care about your lifestyles and how it will suit your new companion.  Our goal is to place our animals with the right family.  The right animal.  The right personality.  The right lifestyle.  The right family for the right family member.  It's that simple.  All of our puppies comes with a care package with all the medical history documents, health certificate, sample food, short videos of the puppies, and a booklet for the new families detailing what to expect when you are expecting, a new puppy that is.  This is just some of what we offer as part of our CARE Policy

  • 2 Year health guarantee against genetic disorders 

  • $500 total towards your preferred Pet Healthcare Insurance (paid out monthly with proof of paid insurance).

  • Lifetime guarantee that we will always welcome our puppies back no questions asked!  Our wish is that none of our animals end up in a shelter as they are always welcomed back here!

  • Clean Bill of Health from our Licensed Veterinarian prior to pick up or shipment of your new puppy.

  • Lifetime of us annoying you asking for updates and pictures of your new puppy.

  • Access to our Client Portal where you will have all access to where your puppy came from and their history while in our care.  Through the portal you can also find videos on training, caring, exercising, nutrition, product views, and many other topics that you may be interested in to help you become successful new fur moms or dads.

Guardianship Homes

For those who maybe interested in starting their own breeding programs, we offer limited guardianship for select homes.  As part of the Guardianship Program we have strict guidelines detailing OUR responsibilities and YOUR own and expect FULL compliance at all time.  We care where our animals end up and have a very selective process in that regard.  As a guardian you would receive limited breeding rights based on our individual contract terms and agreements until the contract is fully executed.  In return you will receive access to our mentorship program and other services to help guide you to become responsible breeders and owners.  Contact us for more information.


You just made a lifelong and expense commitment now what?  Especially if you are halfway around the country or world even.  Well you're in luck.  For those of you who are not local, we do offer transport services for your new puppy.  Whether you are just across the border or in another country, we have solutions to help you get your new puppy home safe and sound.  We have air nannies available to fly your new friend home at very economical rates.  Or ground transport as well.  

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