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We do not have a money back guarantee that covers buyers remorse.  Who does that right?  So please please please think long and hard before making this lifelong commitment.  Animals are expensive.  Their care is expensive.  If you are like us, our animals eat better than we do.  So talk it over with your spouse, kids, priest, aunts, uncles, psychic, even the stranger on the street, and then come tell us "YES I'M READY!" and we will hold you to it!

All kidding aside, we do have a lifetime commitment on all of our puppies that they will always have a home with us.  We will accept all returns no questions asked.  However, any monetary compensation will be at OUR discretion.  

We also have a lifetime genetic health guarantee on all puppies and that are deemed, by a licensed health professional, to have severe health conditions that are genetic in nature.  We reserve the right to request a second opinion by another licensed veterinarian of our own choosing.  If the puppy is found to have life threatening genetic issues, we will offer a replacement or full refund at our discretion.  We know no one can replace your loved ones but we hope you can learn to love a new puppy.


We are just as excited as you and for you to get your new puppy.  Trust us that we will get your new puppy to you as safe and as fast as humanly possible.  First let us take a few steps as outlined below.

  • Puppies will receive at least 2 sets of shots to guard against canine Parvo and Distemper (Given at 5 and 7 weeks old)

  • Puppies are safely dewormed at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks old

  • Puppies have been properly weaned from their mommies for at least 8 weeks

  • Puppies get their first vet visit at 6 weeks and then again 5 days prior to going to their new homes.

  • Puppies are fully paid for.  Yes we would like to get paid for all this.  Who likes to work for free?  Not us! Joking but not really.

  • Transport is arranged once the puppies are 8 weeks old.  Transportation cost must be fully paid for once arrangements are confirmed. 


Why yes we do!  We have air nannies who can fly with your new puppy in cabin when all possible.  Of course this will depend on the airlines and import guidelines of the destination country.  We will take care of all the necessary permits, international health certificates, blood work, and any other import requirements necessary to get your new puppy home safe and sound and LEGALLY of course.  All this for a cost of course, which solely depends on the requirements of each destination country.

For those countries that require a lengthy process (Australia, China, etc) we do offer boarding for a fee, while we wait for the time requirements and necessary testings to be completed.


We accept ancient gold coins, cash, PayPal, Credit Cards, Certified Money Order, Certified Bank Checks, and many other forms of electronic payments that young kids use these days (Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay, Google Pay).  Let us know what methods are available to you and we will do our best to be able to accept it.


I can't answer that question for you but I can tell you why I preferred not to adopt and shopped instead.  This is my own opinion.  I have a family with 3 young and beautiful boys.  Their safely is my main priority.  As much as I would love to have adopted a deserving dog from a shelter, I simply could not trust the unknown origins or temperaments without having enough information on the dogs lineage and history.  


Not without knowing the history of the dog, the parents, grand parents.  How a dog is raised.  Who were they around.  How were they treated.  These are all important questions that unfortunately not all shelters can answer.  So is it worth it to take the risk for my family for the sake of clearing my conscious?  If I were single then without a doubt.  Not when my family is at stake, no.

We now breed for the same reason why we shopped.  We want as much control of the pain staking process of producing animals that are well tempered, who are healthy mentally and physically.  Dogs that your family can grow with and become that loyal companion we all want.

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