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So your female is in heat, now what?  


  • Notify us as soon as your female comes into heat via our website booking app below.  

  • Click on "Request to book." 

  • Select the stud name under "Preferences" to notify owners and co-owners of the prefered stud.

  • Select the next available date and time.  Don't worry, this does not have to be exact as its used for notification only.   The date will be adjusted later based on the results of the PG testing.

  • Click on "Request to Book" to enter client details.

  • Fill out your full contact information including the address the semen will need to be shipped to.

  • Fill in the date of the intended first PG test to be completed.

  • Fill in the estimated breeding date.  This can be changed later.

  • Confirm if the STUD fee has been paid in full or not.  If not, we will send you an invoice along with payment instructions.

  • Fill in the locked in price you locked the stud in at per your contract.  

  • Click on "Request to Book." 

Once completed you will receive an email with the booking details.  Once the booking is confirmed you will receive a calendar invite along with an invoice confirming payment in full paid, or showing the remaining balance to be paid in full.

You will receive an automated email or SMS text every 2 days requesting current PG levels.  Please reply back and provide your PG levels along with the machine used if not IDEXX.  This will allow us to schedule our studs breeding in a more efficient manner.

Throughout the entire breeding process from booking the stud, completing your breeding, confirming your litter, pre and post whelping.  You will receive follow up emails from us,, so please add us to your contact list so the emails don't go in your spam folder.  This will contain important information and guidelines to help with your breeding journey.

We wish you good luck and success with your breedings.  

SSS Bullies Family

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